and Global Education is Google’s philanthropic arm that directs corporate resources to global problems of importance. Principal areas of focus include education, training, and social justice.’s education efforts are divided between domestic and global efforts. Internationally, supports dozens of initiatives involving curriculum development, teacher support, connectivity issues, refugee education, and other topics.

One example initiative is Pratham Books in India which provides online tools for translation of books into local languages. The majority of books published in India are in English or Hindi despite the fact that hundreds of millions of people speak local languages. Pratham Books now offers titles in 60 languages.

Tools to translate books and curricular materials into local languages are relevant in many countries now expanding internet connectivity. Half the world’s population speaks one of five languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi). The other half speaks over 6,000 languages. The internet will need to become much more multilingual as the next three billion people come online.

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