Huawei Global Connectivity Index

gciHuawei, the global networking company, releases an annual Global Connectivity Index, considering 40 indicators for 50 countries. The countries in the index represent 78% of global population and 90% of global GDP.

The 2017 report highlighted several key findings.

First, the Index has been steadily climbing with time.

Second, the countries in the index tend to cluster into three groups: Frontrunners (average per capita GDP $50,000); Adopters (per capital GDP $15,000); and Starters (per capita GDP $3,000). The areas of focus for the three groups vary widely.

Third, the gap between the groups is widening. The rich, so to speak, are getting richer in both absolute and relative terms. This raises a number of policy-related issues so that the “digital divide doesn’t become a digital chasm”.

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