UN Broadband Commission Goals

unThe United Nations created in 2010 the Broadband Commission for Digital Development — renamed in 2015 the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development. The Broadband Commission seeks to raise the importance of global broadband for development, supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, all seventeen of which benefit from wider adoption of broadband.

The Broadband Commission boasts an impressive roster of Commissioners, co-chaired by Carlos Slim Helú, the Mexican telecom magnate, and Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda.

The Commission has issued seven targets for 2025, including nation-level policy plans, lower costs, broader penetration, and better services for banking, small businesses, and others.

Additional key resources from the Commission include the State of Broadband 2017 report (including key findings) and an ITU Discussion Paper for the World Economic Forum 2017.

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